Dear users of Flipr 2 or Flipr 1, 

We recently released Flipr Start, a new version of Flipr. Since the launch, Flipr 2 is no longer available for sale. We would like to provide you with information on the continuity of your current offer.

What is the difference with your Flipr?

The only difference is the price offer. Flipr Start is available for 140€ VAT excl. with basic features. To access the Infinite premium features, Flipr Start users will have to choose one of our subscription packages. There are no other differences: it is the same product here, without any major evolution on the object.

What impact on my Flipr?

Rest assured: None. Your Flipr will of course continue to work, and you will continue to benefit from all the features and Sigfox without subscription, via an application that is always free.

Better still: new features will gradually be introduced on the Flipr Start offer, including compatibility with voice assistants (but not only!): of course, you will also benefit from them, and always free of charge. A simple update of your application will be necessary.

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions. Until then, we wish you in advance a very nice season!