You have just received your Flipr: you must perform a calibration of the probes in order to obtain reliable and accurate measurements. This operation is very simple. Just follow the information below:

You will find an explanatory video below. You can also follow the written recommendations below.

1. In the packaging, return the cardboard holder as shown in the diagram below:

2. Enter your Flipr. Unscrew the "plug" located on the lower part of the unit. Caution: the cap contains liquid.

Dispose of the liquid in a sink. It is a special liquid for the conservation of probes. Do not drink, do not throw into the wild:

3. Once the cap is empty, grasp Vial number 1, and pour all its contents into the cap. 

Screw the cap onto the Flipr. Caution: Screw the cap completely in until it stops.

4. Place Flipr vertically as shown in the diagram below, then click on "initialize".

5. At the end of the first calibration phase and on request of the application, perform the same procedure for the red liquid.

6. Once the calibration is complete: throw the liquid into the sink and unscrew the cap.

7. Screw in the grille

8. Follow the instructions of the application