Only on version 1.7 of the iOS application (Android version currently being deployed).

You can now manually add a cleaning product that is not already listed in our database. You will find below all the necessary information to carry out this very simple operation:

To add a cleaning product

1. In the application, click on Menu / My Products

2. In My Products, click on "+" at the top right of the screen

3. The camera opens: scan the barcode of the cleaning product (what if you don't have a barcode?)

4. If the cleaning product is already registered in our database, the application will ask you to indicate approximately how much product remains in the pot. Otherwise:

5. If the product is not recognized, choose a product type from the list that appears.

6. A form appears. This form varies according to the type of product you have previously selected. Here is a description of all the proposed fields, as well as examples:

Example of a manual registration form of cleaning products.

Name of the product

  • Name: Indicate here the name of the product as it appears on the packaging. Example: Shock Chlorine 3000
  • Brand: Select here the brand of the product among our proposals. The brand of your product is not referenced: click on "+" at the top right to add it. Example: Bayrol

Product Details

  • Product shape: select here the shape in which the product is presented: liquid, powder, cartridge, pebble, etc. Example: Powder
  • Total weight: Indicate here the figure of the product weight. Attention: please indicate here ONLY the number alone. Example: 5
  • Unit of measurement: Indicate here the wording of the total weight: is it mentioned in Kilos, litres, etc.? Example: Kilo
  • Unit weight (g): only in the frame of rollers or cartridges: enter the weight of the product in grams here: Example: 250
  • Multifunction: Indicate if the product is multifunctional
  • Dissolution: Indicate here if the product is fast dissolving (such as shock chlorines for example), or slow (such as slow chlorines)
  • Stabilizer: Indicate here if the product is "stabilized". The stabilizer is mainly used in the composition of chlorines and bromides. This training is usually indicated on the box or in the description. If in doubt, click on "yes".

Normal Dosage

Refer here to the "use" or "dosage" section on the label of your product

  • Dosing unit: the unit recommended by the manufacturer to add products to the pool.  These can be grams, kilos, cartridges, litres, mililitres, etc. Example: Rollers
  • For a volume of water (m3): indicate here the volume of basic water mentioned on the label (usually 10m3). Example: 10
  • To increase / decrease by: Present mainly for pH, this field allows you to indicate the level of increase or decrease following the addition of product. Example: 0.1
  • Insert (dosing unit): enter here the weight of the product to be inserted in the water (only the numbers). Example: 150
  • Place of treatment: Select here the place where you want to insert the cleaning product. Example: Skimmer

Shock dosing and/or Initial dosing

Some products can only be used to restart the pool, or only in shock dosage.... Other products can be used in the 2 or 3 cases (shock dosage, initial dosage and normal dosage). Do not hesitate to fill in all cases

7. Once all the information has been entered, click on "save" at the top right

8. The application will ask you how much product is left in the box (approximately).

9. Your product is now registered. Flipr will take this into account and will give you the exact dosages at the next alert