Flipr will free float around your pool following the water flow. If it bothers you, you can place it in the following locations:

  • Skimmer :  As long as it doesn't contain chemicals such as chlorine, and that it is clean enough (no waste residues or dirt)(1)
  • Cover tray : It must be clean enough (no waste residues or dirt). Please note that the water quality in your cover tray might be different from the one in your pool. (especially the temperature).(1)
  • You can hang it on a small cord (not included). In this case, avoid exposures near the backflow nozzles.
  • You can attach it on a wall with the Fix'n'Swim mount (compatible with shell-coated pools only). Here are some tips to mount it correctly :
    • Avoid exposures near the backflow nozzles in order to avoid faulty measurements.
    • If your pool is equipped with a cover, place the mount on the wall perpendicular to the outlet of the cover, in the direction of the closing of the latter.

(1) Placing Flipr in the flap tray or skimmer may affect the transfer of data via the Sigfox network.