As part of a recent installation of a Flipr :

During the first few hours of use in a pool or spa, Flipr needs a few measurements to break in. It is therefore necessary to wait 3 to 5 hours before having correct measurements.

As part of the daily use of Flipr :

Flipr takes real-time measurements of your pool. Nevertheless, the water quality of a swimming pool fluctuates throughout the day. Variations in pH, sometimes strong, can thus be observed throughout the day, depending on the temperature of the air, water, weather, the operating condition of the pump, the number of swimmers, etc. 

The results displayed on the application are the result of many complex calculations that determine the actual state of the water, without interfering with the elements mentioned above. You therefore benefit from reliable analyses, with the necessary hindsight to avoid unnecessary chemical expenses.

Important Note for Users with Chlorine Treatment

  • If you use stabilized chlorine, the excess stabilizer can significantly affect the quality of the measurements and the water, especially the Flipr probes. We advise you to check the stabilizer content (more information on our blog).
  • If you have made a temporary treatment with active oxygen, this type of treatment prevents the chlorine from being read by our probes. The time to return to normal is about 3 weeks.
  • Any addition of products other than chlorine (e. g. copper) may prevent a good reading of chlorine, and therefore affects the results displayed on the application.

If, however, you believe that the data is still incorrect and differs significantly from your countermeasure device, please contact us by phone.

We will carry out several tests together.