For Flipr Start users: Alerts are only available for users with a subscription.

In the context of a recent launch

Alerts are sent between 1 and 3 times a day, and only if there is an anomaly in water quality. 

The first alerts can take several hours to be displayed, even if the first measurements are not good. Indeed, the application and Flipr need a short break-in period to verify the accuracy of the information sent.

As part of regular use of Flipr

As a reminder, alerts are sent between 1 and 3 times a day, and only if the water quality is abnormal. 

Make sure you have authorized the receipt of notifications and alerts. For this purpose:

  1. In the application, click on Menu, then Flipr Expert
  2. In Flipr Expert, click on Expert Mode. At the bottom of the screen, make sure that the "Disable alerts and notifications" button is unchecked.
  3. In your phone settings, make sure that you have agreed to receive notifications from Flipr.

If you still do not receive an alert despite these actions, please contact us by phone. We will carry out several tests with you to determine the origin of the problem.