CAUTION: First of all, do not forget that wintering should only be done when the water temperature falls permanently below 15°C for salt pools, and 12°C for chlorine or bromine pools. If this condition is not respected there might be a high risk of algae growth.

Wintering feature is included for Flipr 1, Flipr 2, Flipr pro and optional for Flipr START (in app purchase)

Feature details

During the winter season, you have the possibility to winter your pool. There are two options available to you:


  • You choose an active wintering mode: active wintering consists in letting your pool run, but adapting filtration times and treatments. In this case, you can leave Flipr in the water: he will continue to send you information when actions are necessary. CAUTION: Active wintering is not recommended for areas with severe winters. In addition, Flipr's probes are not very resistant to cold. Also, in case of freezing, the application will prompt you to remove Flipr from the water.

To activate the Active Wintering mode, go to your application, Menu / Pool / Mode: choose "Active Wintering".


  • You choose a passive wintering mode for your pool: passive wintering consists in "closing" the pool until the warm days return, and therefore stopping treatments and pumps. This wintering method is recommended for regions with very cold winters and requires taking Flipr out of the water.
    • If you own a Flipr 1 device : take Flipr out of the water, place it in its storage bag with KCL-type storage liquid or some pool water (slightly chlorinated). Store Flipr in an upright position away from cold and light.

    • If you own a Flipr 2 : activate the "Passive wintering" mode. To do this, in the application click on the Menu, then Pool. In "Mode", click on "Passive wintering". Flipr will then guide you step by step to winter your pool, from preparing the pool to pausing your Flipr. You might receive alerts over a few days for optimal guidance. If you have already completed steps, you can click on "Done" at any time. Note: If you start passive wintering and do not follow the procedure, Flipr will automatically go into standby after 9 days.

To activate Passive wintering mode, go to your application, Menu / Pool / Mode : choose "Passive wintering". A to-do list for the storage of your Flipr and a video are at your disposal.