When setting up, the application does not recognize the serial number of the Flipr OR the activation key. You are in front of one of these situations:

After creating your account, the Flipr number (starting with 21) that appears on the screen does not match the one displayed on the box.

OR the serial number that appears corresponds to the one displayed on the box, but the activation key is not recognized.

OR you get the following error message "No module with this ID" or "No module with this ID

OR an error message appears "This module has already been activated" / "Ce module a déjà été activé"

Here's what you need to do:

Check again that the serial number displayed on the screen is identical to the one on the box.

Check again that the security key (composed of 5 digits) is correctly entered (no errors)

If the problem persists, contact us by phone or via the form below. Our teams will contact you very quickly.